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(En inglés para todo el mundo, pronto en español / In english for everybody, soon in spanish)

First of all, thanks to David Appleyard, because this is a modified version of his Flickr Related Plugin, but instead of photos with Flickr, the plugin gets videos from YouTube.

What the plugin does?

  • Integrates with Simple Tags Plugin for WordPress (but you can change easily to get tags from other plugins/stuff)
  • Takes the first Simple tag, and uses it to look for related videos on YouTube
  • Displays the three most recent related videos on your WordPress blog post
  • Updates videos automatically

Simple Installation

The plugin is easy to install, but it requires the Simple Tags Plugin to work (or similar). I strongly suggest you install this, and get it working correctly before you attempt to install the YouTube Related Videos plugin.

These are some simple installation instructions for the plugin:

  • Download and install Simple Tags Plugin
  • Download the plugin file, rename to php, and place it in your plugins directory, and activate it with WordPress Web Administrator
  • Insert the following code into wp-comments.php, where you want the YouTube Videos to appear (generally just below the line containing “You can start editing here”:
  • Begin adding Simple tags to your posts, and watch the related videos appear


  • I recommend you to take a look to the source code, maybe you have to change some dev_id of YouTube or videos shown variable. It’s very easy.
  • You can even use it in this way: youtuberelated(0, "yourtag") so you can force it to use that tag.

Demo of this

As you can see Simple Tags for this article is «» and you will see YouTube’s videos related to this :)



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